Superfoods! Growing Longevity Spinach (Gynura procumbens) Plus Recipe

In today’s episode we will look at how to grow Longevity Spinach, also called Gynura procumbens. We will look at the planting technique for Longevity Spinach, the sunlight requirements, fertilizer requirements, etc. And we also look at harvests.

Longevity Spinach is an organic vegetable which is easy to grow. The spinach plant has specific requirements for growing, which we discuss in the video. This spinach plant has a lot of health benefits. It is a superfood as we will see in the video. Super foods like Longevity Spinach are extremely health for you.

We also present a delicious Longevity Spinach soup/puree recipe. In this spinach recipe we make a puree of the leaves of the gynura procumbens plant which can be eaten as a puree or as a soup.


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      Thanks! I had a hard time finding the seeds. I will use your link!

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      California Gardening sir i have bought 5 kgs of perlite for my garden use and then i got a fine grade perlite i haven’t read the information in amazon carefully and now i cannot return it because they don’t have a policy on that till. So please tell me how to use powder perlite please reply please please other wise i will waste my all money😢😢

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    Thank you for your time and help with the video. You are helping out so many people gain nutrition as well as health. God bless.

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    hello nice video what size pot did you grow it in. thanks

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    Another great video. Loved the cooking incorporated into the video!

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