Superfood Almond Stuffed Dates Truffles Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

Quick, easy, yummy and healthy snack for winter.
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  1. loveenasoobanah says:

    yummy love u bhav

  2. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    I like to stuff dates with walnuts and vegan cream cheese or almonds and almond butter. Then dip them in chocolate but I can’t use white chocolate so I sprinkle them with cocoa powder or hundreds and thousands little tiny balls of multi-colored sprinkles. I use red and green for Christmas time.

  3. aditi panchal says:

    Hey, nice nd quick one grt for dnnr party deserts. But wanted to know if grated coconut could be added to dis, either roll in it after chocolate coat or stuffed?

  4. Cameine Aikens says:

    Yeh! that looks wonderful, good job….I’m gonna try this, do you have anything for…Figs?

  5. Tonya Bee says:

    yummy we eat these in Ramadan 😊

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