Pastry Making at Home SWEET SHORTCRUST PASTRY No Fail

This Shortcrust sweet pastry is crumbly and flaky it is great for any sweet pastry pie, Tart or any pastry recipe that requires a great shortcrust pastry that is sweet. Pastry Making at Home is super simple with this sweet shortcrust pastry No Fail pastry.


Plain or All purpose flour 225 grams/ 8 oz
Butter 110 grams/4 oz
Sugar 80 grams/3 oz
Egg 1
Cold water 1 tbsp n approx

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  1. The Euro Cooking Canuk says:

    Rose, looks great. Question – is it sweet (with the sugar), or can you use it for savory dishes like sausage rolls too? Thanks!

  2. pandeyG Cooking says:

    Hey thanks a ton for sharing this fail proof recipe of pastry crust!

  3. easylifecuisine says:

    Nice thanks for sharing

  4. Indo Aussie says:

    you are truly chef .. glad to see the video how to make pastry

  5. Love for Food - Monika says:

    wow :O

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