Nutella Puff Pastry Turnover Recipe

How to make Nutella turnovers. Simple to follow cooking recipe using puff pastry and Nutella. Add some chocolate drizzle and icing sugar to finish. Delicious home baked treat. Bake for about…


  1. Nikki Tachibana says:

    WHYYYY!? the pretty cool huh where is it!?

  2. Harsh Patel says:

    Calories? ?????

  3. Jim Ferdinando says:

    15 mins at what temperature? 

  4. AsKaGangsta says:


  5. Guy Kawasaki says:

    Nutella FTW!

  6. zioxei says:

    IT’S NOT PRETTY COOL!!! world is ending o.O

  7. DaveHax says:

    Anyone feeling hungry?

  8. BibboHi says:

    You didn’t say “pretty cool uh!” … DISLIKED & UNSUBSCRIBED!

  9. SasuSakuForEver says:

    i have made this things before but instead of nutella i used cheese 🙂 and
    it’s really good 😀 

  10. KevinVG207 says:

    Dutch people unite! ;)

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