How To Make kiwi Cake – in the Kitchen

Golden kiwi cake Recipe –

Cook the crumbs into a crumb, mix with softened butter. Mix well with your hands, then distribute on the bottom of a split form, covered with parchment or food film.According to the instructions, dilute the jelly with kiwi taste with hot water, add another 25 g of gelatin and mix. Pour the contents into a small round bowl and cool, wait until the jelly grinds slightly.Kiwi peel, cut into rings and add to jelly. Send it to the refrigerator until it is completely solidified.Frozen jelly with kiwi lay on the basis of the cookie. In hot milk, dilute the rest of the gelatin, mix well, allow to cool.Whip the sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Continue to whisk, in a thin trickle, enter into the cream milk with gelatin. Pour into the mixture into a mold and send it to the refrigerator to freeze.

A smart cake with a dense and pleasant texture you will surely like. And lovers of cold desserts in a hurry will be pleased with the recipe for delicacies “Orange mood” . Take a note and share with your friends!

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